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NWS Winter Weather Advisory (Burke County)

Current Conditions
Morg-Len Apt

Temp: 47.3°F
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Morganton-Lenoir Airport , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 7:37AM

Gonna Get Old

Rain ends this morning. Sunshine will be a scarce commodity for the foreseeable future--Monday we'll get a look at the sun again. A front takes up residence across the Southeast, and a series disturbances will move eastward along that boundary. Here's the "train schedule": this morning, Sunday night, Tuesday night, Friday. Cool temperatures and gray skies rule with periods of rain focused around but not limited to the times listed. Fog will be an issue along the Blue Ridge through Sunday night.


Hi: 50 Lo: 34

Early rain ending; Generally overcast; NE wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 42 Lo: 37

Cloudy with periods of light rain, particularly Sunday night; Light East wind

Hi: 59 Lo: 33

Lots of clouds for President's Day; NW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 43 Lo: 34

Cloudy; A cold rain develops in the PM

Hi: 46 Lo: 41

Cloudy; Cool; Rain

Further Out

Thursday - Cloudy with rain likely; Warmer; High in the lower 60s; Low in the lower 40s
Friday - You guessed it... Cloudy; Rain likely; High in the mid 50s; Low in the lower 40s

Forecast Discussion

Umbrella futures are up. A stalled front will be located to our southeast through the next 7 days. A series of lows will move east along that boundary. One low exits to our east this morning giving us a break in the rain later today.

Next week will be dominated by cool temperatures and generally gray skies with some fog at times. Rain will be a recurring theme: Sunday into early Monday (especially Sunday night), Tuesday night til Thursday morning, and redeveloping Friday.

Chilly air will wedge down the Appalachians tonight and again Tuesday. Breaks in the precipitation come this afternoon, then again Monday afternoon and Monday night. Make the most of these. Chilly air will be scoured Thursday.


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"The reader is not permitted to reproduce, retransmit, redistribute any weather data, forecasts, analysis, image, or any other product from this site to any other person or entity, in any format by any means. All information, data, and images contained on any page of this site are copyrighted by RaysWeather.Com, Inc. (unless otherwise noted) and is the property of RaysWeather.Com, Inc. Information, data, and images from this site may not be archived or stored for future use. Exceptions to this condition of use may only be made by express, written permission of RaysWeather.Com." See our Terms and Conditions page.

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